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3 Common Features of the Best Gaming Desktops

Gaming desktops are high-quality personal computers (PCs) designed for playing video games. It's possible to purchase a pre-built gaming PC made by Dell or another PC manufacturer, such as Corsair.

Serious gamers may opt to build their gaming desktop. Customizing a desktop enables you to invest your money in the most critical gaming desktop features to ensure you have the best gaming experience. Whether you're buying or building your gaming PC, there are some critical features you should consider to ensure you get the best gaming PC for your money.

1. The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The best gaming PCs feature a great CPU, also known as a processor. The processor is the heart of your gaming desktop. It's what gives your computer its operating power. Think of it like a car engine. A smaller engine won't be capable of towing a large trailer. In computer terms, powerful processors enable your computer to work faster.

Processors process program instructions and then perform calculations and give directions to your computer. Your computer programs won't respond quickly if your computer can't process information efficiently. Your CPU clock speed is the number of calculations your processor can complete every second. Your processor's gigahertz (GHz) identifies its clock speed. The higher the GHz, the more calculations your processor can perform per second.

Processing speed is also affected by the number of cores your processor has. The cores contain programs that enable your processor to perform calculations and distribute instructions. Processors with more cores will operate more quickly than those with fewer cores.

Your CPU connects to your computer's mainboard, also known as a motherboard. Processors can heat up quickly, so your processor is located near a cooling fan to prevent it from overheating. If you're building your gaming PC, you may be able to upgrade your processor later, but you may have to upgrade other components to ensure your system is compatible with your new CPU. The AMD octacore processor is currently one of the best processors on the market. Other excellent CPUs include the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU and the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.

2. The Graphics Card

Your gaming desktop's graphics processing unit (GPS), or graphics card, determines what appears on your monitor during gameplay. Superior graphics cards include the RTX 3090, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super GPU, and Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards. The best gaming desktop will be equipped with GPUs that can perform ray tracing without affecting the frame rate during gameplay. Frame rates are measured by frames per second (FPS).

Your FPS determines how many times the visual image refreshes per second. Systems with a lower FPS don't have smooth visuals because the visual presentations may not show every transition or movement. Ray tracing is the technical method used to show light and shadows in visual images. Systems with excellent ray tracing have more realistic visual images.

Game visuals can have a significant impact on gamers. Gamers can see visual prompts clearly with superior graphics cards. Although regular desktop computers may come with a GPU, gamers need high-quality gaming GPUs designed to work with video games. Gamers can also opt to install two cards to increase the FPS rate.

3. The Mainboard

It won't matter how good your CPU or processor is if you don't have a mainboard. Your motherboard connects all the components in your computer. Your GPU, processor, hard drive, and random-access memory (RAM) connect to the mainboard. It's comparable to your body's nervous system. Every part of your body connects to the nervous system and can send or receive information through the nerves. Your gaming computer's mainboard receives information from all of your computer's components and then distributes information. For example, the processor transmits directions to the motherboard, which your mainboard distributes to the other components to ensure your software runs correctly.

Although the best gaming PCs have several essential components, your gaming computer's CPU, GPU, and mainboard are critical parts of your computer system. Investing in high-quality CPUs, GPUs, and mainboards will ensure you have an excellent gaming computer capable of meeting your performance expectations.

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